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My ArticStart remote is not working, how can I fix it?

The very first thing to check is the battery in the remote.  If you change the battery in the remote and it still does not function; you may need to try re-programming the remote to the vehicle.  In order to program one or multiple remotes, please reference the following steps:

  1. Insert your vehicle key into the ignition and cycle the key from the OFF to the 'ON/RUN' position and back to the 'OFF' position a total of (5) five times rapidly. PLEASE, DO NOT START THE ENGINE. (OFF/ON/OFF/ON/OFF/ON/OFF/ON/OFF/ON/OFF)
  2. After cycling your key 5 times, the parking lights will flash one time, then immediately tap the LOCK button on your Compustar remote. Do not hold down the button, just tap. You should see a second single headlight flash. This confirms that the Compustar remote was programmed to the vehicle.
  3. Depending on your remote starter type, you can program 3-4 remotes to a single vehicle.
  4. When programming is completed, you will see two consecutive headlight flashes.


When programming multiple remotes it is only necessary to do the key cycle (step 1) one time. Following this press and release the lock button on each individual remote successively. (i.e. cycle the key then press lock on one remote, then lock on the next, then lock on the next remote.)


  • The system must be disarmed in order to program remotes.
  • Valet mode will be activated if the system does not identify a remote during programming.
  • The process will be different for Push-To-Start vehicles.
  • For one button remotes, press the 1 button for 1 second as the lock command.

Thank you.

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