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How do I set the maintenance reminder alerts for my DroneMobile?

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In order to use the maintenance reminders, you must have a premium service plan with DroneMobile.

To use this feature, please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your account at
  • Click on 'Settings'.
  • Select the vehicle you would like to update from the drop down box.
  • Hit on 'Notification Settings', mark the Maintenance Reminder box and press save.
  • You'll be back on the Settings page, so please go to 'Maintenance Reminder Settings'
  • Enter the desired information for your vehicle.

NOTE: Set the odometer at your current mileage, then set the mileage where your next service is due. The DroneMobile unit will use the GPS to track how many miles the vehicle has traveled and will send you an alert when you are at the mileage requested for your next service.


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