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Is my vehicle secure after a remote start?

ArticStart systems feature an advanced protection from unauthorized access. For vehicles equipped with ArticStart remote start & security systems, protection starts the moment a door is opened while the system is armed. Your ArticStart system will recognize an imminent threat and immediately shut off the remotely started engine; Activating the built-in ignition kill system, which will prevent the ability to start the engine until the system is disarmed.

Other security features include a dedicated foot brake sensor. Should an attempt be made to drive your vehicle without its key, your ArticStart will shut off the remotely started engine immediately upon a press of the foot brake.

For added protection, ArticStart 's Digital Adjustable Sensor (DAS) offers vehicular motion detection during remote start. DAS keeps your convertible and soft-top from being driven away without sacrificing the benefits of your open-air vehicle.

For a more detail explanation on our DAS option, please check the link below -

Digital Adjustable Sensor (DAS) features


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