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How do I use the RPS Touch accessory on my vehicle?

Simplicity is the key term for our RPS product. The RPS Touch is a 2-in-1 remote paging sensor and key-less touch pad entry device.

For vehicles equipped with 2-way extended range remotes, RPS Touch can quickly send a remote alert to the owner's attention. In addition to remote paging, RPS Touch includes a discreet touch pad for key-less entry. Simply enter your user-specified pass code and your vehicle will disarm and unlock. In the same way, RPS Touch is also able to lock and arm your vehicle as you leave.

To see RPS Touch in action, please click on the links below to view our video demonstrations.


RPS Touch Programming

RPS Touch Demonstration


NOTE: Owner's must activate the "car call" option in order to receive alerts. To activate this feature, please reference your remote user guide under "RPS Touch".

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