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What is the turbo timer feature?

Turbo timer is a feature that is available in select ArticStart systems. This mode allows the vehicle to continue running after you exit the vehicle in order to allow the engine to cool down. The turbo timer can be set to either 1,2, or 4 minute run times by the dealer. In order to set the turbo timer the installer must set up both door triggers and the emergency brake.

How to activate turbo timer feature:

  1. Have the vehicle turned off and the doors closed.
  2. Press the trunk and the key buttons (III & IV) or at the same time. (press and release. DON'T press and hold) 
  3. You should receive one parking light flash to show you are entering drive lock mode.

-If you receive 3 parking light flashes or the LCD remote reads 'fail' on step 3:

In order to activate turbo timer the feature must be turned on in the ArticStart control module. This feature is automatically set to off and must be turned on by the installer in order for this mode to be activated. If your LCD remote reads “fail” or if you are receiving 3 parking light flashes on step 3 it may be due to the feature being turned off. In this case it is required to visit your local dealer or original installer in order to have them change the programming in the brain and turn the passive arming feature on.

How to set the turbo timer:

  1. Before shutting off and exiting the vehicle you must set the emergency/parking brake.
  2. Turn off the engine and remove the key.
  3. The engine will continue to run for the pre-specified period of time.

NOTE: In order to change the turbo timer run time you must take the vehicle to an authorized dealer or the original installer.

How to deactivate turbo timer feature:

  1. Have the vehicle turned off and the doors closed, unlock the vehicle or disarm the alarm system by pressing unlock on your remote.
  2. Press the trunk and the key buttons (III & IV) at the same time. (press and release DON'T press and hold) 
  3. You should receive two parking light flashes to show you are exiting the turbo timer mode.

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