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DroneMobile Error 201 - 'network communication error'

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The 'network communication error, due to cellular network delay' is a basic error code that the Drone system will send when you are unable to send/receive a signal. There are many variables that come in to play when determining the cause of this error, which can be corrected with different methods. Keep in mind that taking the unit to an authorized dealer or the original installer is always a possible solution for fixing DroneMobile units. 

Possible Issues:

Cell network load:

--The network could have had too many signals trying to be sent at once, or it simply took too long for the unit to respond. It is possible that simply sending another request will allow it to process.

Cell data coverage:

--If the cell phone sending the signal or the DroneMobile unit itself does not have cellular data coverage you could receive this error. If the vehicle is parked in a parking garage or the vehicle is located somewhere with poor cellular service through our providers the Drone will not work. Also, if the mounting location of the Drone module in the vehicle is poor the unit may not be able to receive consistent service. 

Drone app connectivity:

--If the DroneMobile application is not functioning properly and is unable to send a signal to our servers you will receive this error as well.

  • Try testing the unit by logging in to your account at If the unit is able to receive signal from the website but not the application then it is more than likely an application issue.


  • Attempt to log out and back into your account on the application. If you receive this communication error when simply attempting to log in/out then it is more than likely an application issue. 

In these cases the solution is to delete the DroneMobile application from your phone, rebooting your smartphone and re-download it the application.


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