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What is Live Track?

This content may be outdated as of February 1st, 2019. For updated support articles relating to DroneMobile, please visit


Live Track is a feature only available for Premium users. When active, your DroneMobile unit will send a GPS location signal to the satellite every 2 minutes for the next 30 minutes. The tracking report can only be viewed under the History Log.

To access this feature, please visit our web page →


1. Log in using your username and password
2. Once you are logged in, please click on the Live Track option


3. You will receive a warning. Please hit OK if you would like to move forward


4. To view the results, please go to the History log


5. The History Log will show you all the results.


6. Hit 'View' for more specific detail



NOTE: This feature is only available on the website. You will not receive any notifications on your mobile application. Live Track is only available twice every 24hrs.


Thank you.



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