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Why is there a $35 re-activation fee after my DroneMobile subscription expires?

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Once a DroneMobile subscription expires, the SIM card on the Drone will be deactivated by the service provider. In order to reactivate the SIM card, a reactivation fee ($35) will be applied to the renewal.

We highly recommend, renewing your subscription prior to the expiration date on your current plan to avoid this fee.

Note: The units expire at 12:01 AM GMT on the day listed as the expiration date. You must renew before this date, not on the day of expiration if you wish to avoid the reactivation fee. 

  1. Listed expiration is 3/7/2017
  • -At 12:01 AM GMT on 3/7 this unit will lose service. Therefore, you must renew the service plan by the end of the day on 3/6/14. 

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