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My remote no longer receives 2-way communication. How do I fix this?

When a remote stops receiving 2 way data communication it could be due to multiple errors. Follow the steps below to attempt to fix the problem:

  1. Insert new batteries into the remote.
  2. Attempt to reprogram the remote to the system by cycling the vehicle key in the ignition 5 times within 10 seconds and pressing the lock button 
  3. Attempt to unplug the antenna on the front windshield for 30 seconds and then reconnect it. (Unplug the antenna wire from the antenna piece, do not unplug the antenna from the windshield) Then attempt to reprogram again.
  4. Visit an authorized dealer for assistance.

It can be difficult to pin down which piece of equipment is the problem when dealing with this issue. In the end the best way to solve this issue is to take it to a dealer where they can test out both remote and antenna. From there they can supply you with the proper solution or replacement parts. 



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