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How does a take over procedure for my Push-To-Start vehicle work?

A 'takeover procedure' is in reference to how you can get the vehicle into drive following a remote start. When remote starting with a standard key vehicle it is required to place the vehicle key in the ignition before placing the vehicle into gear. If the key is not seen in the ignition the vehicle will automatically shut off when the foot brake is pressed.

This safety feature does not exist with Push-To-Start (PTS) vehicles due to the lack of the ignition cylinder. Because of this many PTS vehicles will actually shut off the engine as soon as the door is opened. However, some PTS vehicles allow a take over procedure to exist following a remote start. The take over procedure will allow you to remote start the vehicle, enter, and drive away without the vehicle's engine shutting off.

A standard sequence to initiate the take over procedure is as follows:

  • Remote start the vehicle.
  • Unlock/disarm the vehicle.
  • Enter the vehicle and press the foot brake. (Following the disarm you have (45) forty five seconds to do this)

NOTE: If the foot brake is not pressed within 45 seconds the procedure will be cancelled and the vehicle will shut off once the door is opened.

Other procedures may exist depending upon the vehicle and intallation. If you would like confirmation of this process for your vehicle it is recommended to contact the installer. 

This procedure is not available on all PTS vehicles. Some vehicles may require extra installation by the dealer in order for this process to exist. Many Toyota PTS vehicles do not allows this procedure to work. 


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