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How do I mute or silence my alarm's siren chirps?

To turn off the chirping feature from your ArticStart siren:

  • Press and release LOCK and UNLOCK (I & II) simultaneously.
  • Press these buttons for no longer than .5 seconds or this process will fail. 

Note: the vehicle's engine must be shut off and the doors must be closed for this process to work.

If your vehicle continues to chirp during lock or unlock, it may be equipped with a factory-installed confirmation system rather than a ArticStart siren.

The newest version of ArticStart firmware allows the mute feature to be disabled. If you are unable to mute the ArticStart siren using this method it is possible that the feature has been disabled in the control module or brain of the system. If this is the case, you must visit the original installer or an authorized dealer. They have the ability to change the programming in the control module and allow the siren chirps to be disabled. 

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