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What is DAS (Digital Adjustable Sensor) and its usage?

DAS, or Digital Adjustable Sensor, is a 3-in-1 accessory and a component of ArticStart's next generation of vehicle monitoring. Traditionally, incidents involving the vehicle's lift, movement, and impact (including glass breakage) require separate sensors in various locations across the vehicle interior. With DAS, a single sensor placed centrally within the vehicle provides tilt, motion, and shock sensing - alerting you of alarming disturbances relative to your vehicle's security.

DAS works by monitoring the vehicle's three-axis level, continuously calculating the tilt degree of every corner. In the event your vehicle is lifted on its front, rear, or side, the DAS will automatically trigger the panic alarm - deterring theft of valuable assets such as wheels and catalytic converters (which can cost thousands of dollars to replace).

Accelerometer or G-force motion sensor will only work on manual transmissions.
Brain Module must be on 'manual mode' (loop not cut)

Finally, DAS expands on ArticStart's trusted CompuShock sensor by providing digitally-adjustable sensitivity control. The new and improved digital sensor monitors impacts with more precision than the previous model which helps prevent false alarms. 

To see DAS in action, please click on the link below to view our video demonstration.

DAS Sensor Demonstration


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